Fibreglass fishing boat, Theodore 720 Coastal Bimini



Dear Jim and Leica,

Just thought I would let you know how I’m going with my new purchase. My suspicions about the 720 Coastal are proving to be correct in that the ‘Theodore’ is not your normal trailer boat. Having previously owned larger boats (Blackwatch, Riviera etc.) I needed to maintain a ‘big boat feel’ which the 720 Coastal does in spades, particularly when mated to a power/drive package such as the Volvo D4.

Performance and sea keeping in conditions that could be described as your typical west coast continue to exceed my expectations. In particular I am very pleased with the way the hull maintains a planing altitude at slower speeds in a seaway. At speed you can feel the hull lift, allowing you to cut through the chop in comfort. FANTASTIC!

Advice and service from you and your people has been very satisfying. The fact that having arrived in Adelaide the day before delivery, test drove my boat, was made familiar with the various systems, went through engine management with your Volvo rep and next morning hooked the whole package to my car and drove back to Perth without any problems whatsoever is a testament to the thoroughness of your operation.

Jim and Leica, as you can see now I am more than happy with my new boat. If any potential clients in the west wish to view my Theodore or talk to me regarding owning one, please do not hesitate to pass on my number.

Yours Sincerely,

Allan Hassall

Fibreglass fishing boat, Theodore 720 coastal open hardtop


Dear Jim,

Although I have expressed my pleasure verbally to you, with regard to my Theodore Coastal 720, i thought it might be appropriate to express it in writing.

As I work 5 days a week, i wanted a boat that i could go fishing in most weekends, which meant a vessel that could handle quite big South Australian seas safely. The Theodore does this admirably, even in quite poor conditions, the vessel rides the chop and swell very well both underway and at anchor. It responds well to changes of course, even at idling speeds and fuel consumption is frugal to say the least, even when pushing it close to full revs.

I would certainly recommend this boat to any serious fisherman, particularly those that have to fish off the southern coasts of Australia.

Best regards,

S.R Brew

Fish, trailerable, fiberglass fishing boat, Theodore 720 Offhsore Hardtop


​Hi Jim,

Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our Theodore Offshore. We have had the boat out in all sorts of seas including some exposed waters off southern Yorke Peninsula & to date it has handled everything exceptionally well. We have taken visitors out at times in fairly average ( Willy Weather fresh ) conditions & all have been amazed at the boats handling & soft ride.

Surprisingly the fuel consumption from the 220hp Volvo Penta is as published around half that of an equivalent sized petrol outboard. We had some reservations about purchasing a boat with the 220hp D3 instead of the 280hp D4, but it is not very often that conditions allow us to push the boat to its maximum 38 knots anyway. The D3 220hp provides more than enough power & gets the Theodore up on the plane with 6 adults on board almost immediately & in good to fair seas will comfortably cruise around 32knots at 3500rpm.

Initially, we had some reservations about paying the extra over the other similar sized boats that we had in mind, but the Theodore is an exceptional craft. Very well designed & assembled & most importantly we feel safe & confident when we do get caught out in severe weather.

We are planning on chasing Tuna off SYP early next year & also doing some overnighters to Wedge Island with Nannygai, Snapper & Crayfish the main targets. I'll let you know how we go.


Ian & Lyn Johnson

Point Turton.

Trailerable fibreglass fishing boat, theodore 720 range
Fibreglass fishin boat, Theodore 720 range


Dear Jim and Leica,

I am writing you this letter in appreciation of my purchase of a new Theodore 720 Offshore. I don’t know where to start, but I guess the boat show was where it all started happening for me. I have been looking to get into a sea boat for a number of years. So when at the boat show, I saw the beautiful display of Theodore boats,  I couldn’t wait to get on board to get them out.

After looking around the vessel for a while and having discussions, I was then really looking forward to going for a test run on this magnificent crafted and finished boat. The test was as expected- I was sold. Never have I blown a budget so easily, with not a care in the world, worth every cent. This was my boat dream complete.

The size of the boat on the trailer seemed to be daunting but I could not believe the ease of towing this beast behind the cruiser, 90 to 100 km’s not a problem, an extended hitch, maybe a winner.
It has amazed me the amount of finger pointing and head turning this boat has generated while travelling, and the audience it has attracted at the boat ramp. It certainly has made me feel very proud.

Having spent limited hours at sea so far, the boats performance and ability has been outstanding.
Another big thing that has impressed me, was while the boat was being built, the personal contact I could have with yourselves and the team- it was not just another boat coming off the production line. It was truly an enjoyment to watch it all come together from head to toe.

As you can see, I’m over the moon with the boat, so my wife Annette and I would like to thank you both, Jim and Leica for your professionalism and friendship, thus far, especially the week at Port Vincent, where you invited us with you, to help break into the boat, and show us the ropes. This meant a lot to us, because of having no sea boat experience. THANK YOU

It’s great to be a part of Theodore boat owners.
Jim, don’t be afraid to use me as a reference, and give my details, as I would be honoured to help someone else’s boat dream.

Yours Sincerely,

Daryl Fielke

Fishing trips, fibreglass fishing boat, Theodore 720 open hardtop


Dear Jim,


I am absolutely thrilled with my new 720 Hardtop. I have had the boat 6 months now and finding the more I use it, the happier I am that I purchased it.


Our Moreton Bay conditions here in Brisbane frequently have a short, sharp chop with waves that stand up making travelling in these conditions unbearably uncomfortable. The Theodore however, eats these conditions and does it with real speed and comfort. Yes, Jim, I did not quite believe you when you told me, but the boat loves it in these conditions and at speed.


In outside and bar conditions the boat is in its own class. The boat really has a big boat feel. It is the strongest and most solid boat I have experienced and understand what it means to invest in a boat built standard to 2C survey. Its ability to turn quickly and sharply and the acceleration with the 300 Yammie makes it an awesome boat crossing bars. I have attached a link of some footage of my crossing the Amity channel of the South Passage bar. It was a very ordinary day and the boat performed awesomely. The boat unlike other boats, does not crash and shake after encountering large swell. It is here that you notice the extra weight of the boat and its solid construction. In all aspects, whether a head sea, following or beam sea, the boat is stable and faultless. It has the weight and length to make it the perfect offshore fishing rig. 


The hardware fitted to the boat matches the build quality. From the Sarca anchor at the bow to the large scuppers at the stern tells me you have not compromised in any way.  The numerous little things like the patented "billy bung” fitted as a standard item (when everyone else would have used an off the shelf bung) and the oversized cleats did not go unnoticed. It is really reassuring to have this commercial grade build quality.


Jim, I wanted the best, safest offshore rig I could buy. I have the range with the 500 litre fuel tank you have fitted for me and with 300 litre esky space (I will send photos ) in an oversized cockpit makes for a great fishing machine. 


Whilst I paid 20 to 25% more for your boat over a line-up of production boats, the old adage of you get what you pay for keeps resonating with me. It’s very special to have a commercially spec'd boat and your boat is one that will last as long as I need it to.


From fishing the Capricorn and Bunker Reef Groups to family trips to Morton Island, the boat has exceeded all my expectations. I will send a few photos for the website.


Buying a boat being built in Adelaide when you live in Queensland has some logistic issues but at the end of the day it was worth it.


Jim, I am more than happy to recommend your boat to any serious offshore fishing enthusiast. 




Deano Simonidis

Fibreglass fishing boat, Theodore 720 coastal open


Dear Jim,

A short note of appreciation. After being a commercial fisherman for 25 years and just purchasing a new Theodore 720 Open fishing craft from you in September 2007; it is without question the smoothest and most comfortable performing vessel in rough adverse conditions that I have had the pleasure of riding in.

Due to a perfectly engineered hull coupled with great strength and superb quality finish places, it in a class superior to any I have come to know in all my sea bearing years.

The enormous power delivered from the Volvo 260 D4 Diesel from idle to full rev range allows that beautifully shaped hull to perform at its best. I certainly enjoy putting it through its paces with great enjoyment from excited onlookers. I now look forward to spending as much time as possible at sea with total satisfaction and pleasure.

I'm proud to be the owner of such a craft and all thanks to your time and effort of your superior engineering.

It's Awesome!

Kind Regards.

James Edwards

Theodore 720 coastal open hardtop, fibeglass fishing boat, trailerable


Dear Jim,

Thought I should drop you a few lines to let you know how pleased we are with our new Coastal 720.

To begin, my apprehension about towing such a large boat through busy city traffic and the Adelaide hills late on a Friday afternoon – something I am not use to was completely unfounded. It was all too easy.

The balance of the trailer and the brake set up is terrific. I was able to sit on 90-100 km an hour when the rough Coorong/Princess highway would allow.
We have just clocked up our first 100 hours on the water and had the 100 hourly Yanmar service.

While on the Yanmar, people don’t believe me when i tell them on the total hours (100) we have averaged 8 litres of fuel an hour. Not bad in anyone’s language!

I think the standard features of the boat itself are: the quality of workmanship, stability, handling and dryness in all conditions. Everybody that has had a ride and/or drive have remarked on all these features.

Interested onlookers often approach us around the ramp and marina in Robe where we are all too willing to endorse the features of your boat and will continue to sing its praises to anyone prepared to listen – to the point of being annoying to some of our friends!

Never thought that I would say it, but we are sick of eating crayfish and have given away more that we care to admit.

Anyway Jim, hope to catch up with you and Leica soon – perhaps when we take our trip up the Glenelg River together.

Kind Regards

Rod Carmichael

Fishing trips, fibreglass fishing boat, Theodore 720 open hardtop


To whom it may concern,

I am the very proud owner of the first production Theodore 720 built by Theodore marine in 2005, which coincidently was the first year the vessel was entered into the AMIF Boat of the Year Awards, held in Queensland. The vessel was a Finalist in 3 categories and received Commendation in the Cruiser Trailerable, Day Boat and Fishing Trailerable.

My boat is powered by a Volvo KAD 300, 285hp stern drive diesel engine delivering a top speed of 40knots (approximately 74kmh). The Tachometer revs equal speed, equal litres per hour for example 2000 rpm gives 20 knots at 20 litres / hour.

The boat is a very dry boat even in the dirtiest of seas and handles superbly in all weather conditions that I have encountered.

Because it has a long and deep profile in the water it is very stable, sitting flat in rough conditions and providing ample room for up to 6 people to fish.
I would personally recommend that if you are interested in buying a boat, make the most of the opportunity of going out for a test run as I did, then if that is impressive, go and see how the boat is built, trust me you wont be sorry!!


John Jacka

Fishing trips, fibreglass fishing boat, Theodore 720 open hardtop



I recently purchased a Theodore 720 Coastal from James at Theodore Marine and I cannot be more impressed. From the initial customer service and ongoing service, these guys have been great. The pride in which they display in their boats is second to none.

My boat is fitted with a 260hp Supercharged Volvo Penta and its performance is mind blowing. With a top speed of 41 knots and cruising speed of 28-30 knots. A day spent on the water is an absolute pleasure. 

The ride is extremely smooth and responsive and feels extremely strong and safe, ideal for my young family or for serious offshore work. Coming from a Boston Whaler Conquest 255 with twin outboards, I am happy to state, the Theodore is a much more manageable boat with more fishing room, and much better on fuel. Although the Theodore is approximately 1m shorter in length, I don’t feel I am in a smaller boat. Great boat would recommend to anybody with no hesitation. 

Chris Ftinogiannis

Fishing trips, fibreglass fishing boat, Theodore 720 open hardtop


“Ol’mate Tracta” nearly finished putting her in 2D survey. Hard to believe that she is nearly 10 years old! I have never heard of a boat (private boat) getting put into survey after 10 years of use. But Jim Theodore’s boats, the “Theodore Coastal” are all built to survey standards in Adelaide at Port River Marine Services, and true to word this one has been put through for 5+ 1.


Once finished she will be used in Port Augusta for crabbing and squidding  and Venus Bay for King George Whiting and hopefully South of Adelaide from Wirrina Cove as a dive charter boat in season. Thanks Jim you have done a fantastic job. The Tracta looks amazing and I look forward to showing a lot of people how well she fishes and dives right across SA.

David McDonald

ROSS WILLATON - Maritimo Race Team Member

Hi Jim

Just thought I would send you a quick note on how impressed I was with your Theodore 720. Firstly the performance is very impressive 42 knots (with great handling) in that choppy water was unreal. The fact that she still planes and performs well on one engine has to be a great safety feature.

I would have called that water we were in out in the bay “Quite Rough” and your boat just felt so solid and surefooted with good manners.

Your attention to detail and quality of build makes for one very good boat. I love the compartments with doors for the fuel filter, very clever.

I’ve driven lots of trailer boats over the years and I have to say your 720 is right up there with the best.

Thanks for your time taking me boating on Sunday and I wish you much success with your great product.




Ross Willaton