Crafting Maritime Excellence

For generations, we’ve meticulously honed our craft, blending tradition with subtle innovation. Each boat we shape is born from a deep respect for the sea and a commitment to those who sail on her. We don’t just build boats; we craft experiences, and we do it with humble dedication.

Why Us

Heritage Craftsmanship

Rooted in Tradition, Built for the Future

Our boats are a blend of generations-old techniques and contemporary advancements. While we honor the legacies of boat builders who came before us, we also embrace the new possibilities of today. It’s this mix of old and new that sets our vessels apart, ensuring timeless beauty and unparalleled performance.

Personalised Design

Your Dream Vessel, Brought to Life

We believe that every boat has a unique story, and it begins with your vision. Our team collaborates closely with you to tailor every detail, ensuring that the final product isn’t just a boat—it’s a reflection of your aspirations and style. Because a personal touch makes all the difference.

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Unwavering Support

Sailing With You, Every Step of the Way

Our relationship doesn’t end once your boat is in the water. We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive post-launch support, offering everything from maintenance tips to repair services. With our team by your side, you can embark on every journey with complete peace of mind.

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Boats for Every Journey

Discover the Elegance of Fiberglass

Fibreglass has revolutionized the maritime world with its durability, ease of maintenance, and versatility. Our range of fibreglass boat designs cater to various needs, ensuring that whether you’re fishing, cruising, or exploring, there’s a perfect boat waiting for you.

Sport Fisherman

Sport Fisherman

Sculpted for the Chase

Perfect for the avid angler, the Sport Fisherman is designed with a deep V-hull for smoother rides in rough waters. With ample deck space and specialized storage for tackle and rods, it’s the ultimate companion for those seeking the thrill of the catch in both inland and offshore waters.



Sporty, Versatile, and Ready for Fun

Bowriders are the go-to choice for those looking for a mix of sport and leisure. Their open bow area is perfect for sunbathing or diving into the water, while the powerful engine options ensure thrilling water sports capabilities. A family favorite, these boats offer a balanced blend of relaxation and adrenaline.

Cruiser Yachts

Cruiser Yachts

Seamless Style Meets Seafaring Comfort

Our Cruiser Yachts are where luxury meets functionality. Ideal for weekend getaways or extended voyages, they come with spacious interiors, state-of-the-art amenities, and a design that promises a smooth, stable ride. Embrace the horizon in utmost elegance.

Center Console Boats

Center Console Boats

Unobstructed Views, Unmatched Adventure

Built primarily for fishing, our Center Console Boats prioritize 360-degree access to the water, making casting and catching a breeze. Their sturdy design ensures they can handle various water conditions, making them a favorite among seasoned anglers and adventurous families alike.

Craft Your Maritime Dream With Us!

Don’t just dream about the perfect boat—let’s bring it to life together. Dive into a seamless boat-building experience tailored to your desires. Reach out now and set sail on a journey crafted uniquely for you.

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Chart Your Course With Precision Craftsmanship

Your maritime adventure deserves nothing but the best. Let’s craft that dream vessel tailored to your every desire. Dive into a partnership with us today and navigate the waters with unmatched elegance and performance. Your journey begins here.